After many years of gravitating around ham radio, I finally got my act together and got my tech & general license in August 2006. So look out world, here comes W7DIT!! Yeah, I admit, mine is a vanity call; my original sequential call sign was KE7ITI but that call was a bit ambiguous to copy in CW QSOs.

While studying for the theory and code exams, I realized that there is a plethora of ham information out there in the internet. It turns out that radio operators really do care to communicate and are keen to share information they have. Awesome. But as always, too much of a good thing can also hurt and confuse. So I started collecting links and information that I though to be most interesting for me, a newcomer to the amateur radio scene. On this site I’ll try to present my collection of links and junks of information for other newcomers to get enthused about ham radio and find their passion in this great hobby.