Fascinating concept: Being on a trail for several weeks or even months and also get to “play radio” on a daily basis 🙂 Even more compelling is the idea of doing radio with as little weight and volume as possible, as every ounce needs to get carried on your back.

Two well-known fellow hams (none of them I know personally) are on a trail this spring/summer:

Bruce N7RR is getting ready to traverse the Pacific Crest Trail, according to his blog.

Steve KD1JV, the designer of fame for the ATS3 radio,  is also out on the Appalachian Trail, see his trail journal.

I seem to have a genetic predisposition to be attracted to such long distance trails: Over the past 2-3 years, my Dad made it his retirement mission to hike all of Switzerland‘s national border, from one boundary stone to the next.
Note to myself: I’ve seens his photos and paper travel books from the parts he has already completed, fascinating!. I need to convince (and help) him to post his journal on a web site….

If I only dared putting aside the necessary time from work and wife, that would be a very tempting adventure for myself indeed, How about hiking Pacific Northwest Trail or Continental Divide Trail?