after almost 2 years of deafening silence on this blog, it’s time to post again… ouch.

Lately, I’ve been experimenting with embedded systems, probably an attempt to reconnect with my hardware roots from my electrical engineering past. I’ve stumbled over a exciting computer-on-module in form of the Overo series from gumstix. It’s also a great opportunity to refresh my rather rusty Unix/Linux knowhow. In the limit, I intend to port and install Android on this amazing piece of hardware.

I’m collecting my experiments in a wiki (using dokuwiki), mainly so that I have a way to retrace my own steps: Gumstix Overo with Android

So far, I’ve managed to install a host system with Linux, I have enlisted in the Android source repository and have started to adapt and compile the boot loaders for the Overo system. The first success: I’m able to boot the OMAP3 processor from the SD card into the u-boot bootloader prompt, using binaries built from x-loader and u-boot sources.

Next step is to get a basic Android kernel (which is actually an adapted Linux kernel) into at least terminal mode.