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Published by W7CF David on 04 Jul 2008

What is contesting?

this is  a question I do get asked by friends and coworkers when I mention that I’ll be spending my weekend in front of a radio…. Admittedly, to make sense of such an intention, one has to experience the music and rhythm of the contest exchanges, especially in CW.
BTW: last weekend (FieldDay 2008 with RTKCC, MicroHams and RedmondARES), I sat next to Alan AC2K for almost an hour just listening in how he search&pounced the band and made plenty of contacts. He didn’t even bother using precanned CW sequences, all code was live keying with his Begali single-lever key. Ok, now I know why I need to further practice my code speed 🙂

Here’s a YouTube video that explains and conveys the contest rhythm quite nicely:

Published by W7CF David on 24 Jun 2008

ARRL VHF contest June 14th

This was my first attempt at both contesting outside of HF and away from my QTH: packed up my FT-817 up to TIger Mtn (CN97) to participate for a good hour in the VHF contest, namely on 6m. RX was great, helps to have an antenna more than 2700ft high 🙂 But reaching more remote stations, TX with QRP level is quite limiting unfortunately.

Published by W7CF David on 29 Jan 2008

f(W7DIT) = W7CF

Eureka! The FCC ran its lottery, err, its nightly application processing tonight: It’s official, W7DIT is no longer, welcome W7CF.

 This is exciting, I do love the CW sound & rythm of the new call

Published by W7CF David on 12 Jan 2008

maybe a new callsign soon?

I was casually browsing through AE7Q’s list of soon-to-be-available1×2 & 2×1 call signs. I stumbled over 3 call signs which are about to expire by 1/10: W7CF, WD7Z and AI7Z. I do like my current call sign but couldn’t resist the temptation and had to apply. Looks like I’m in competition with just one other OM each, so my odds for a new call are pretty good. We’ll know more by 1/29 when the FCC processes the pending applications. Suspense…..

Published by W7CF David on 25 Nov 2007

first contest

what a thrill, this weekend I participated in my first contest, CQ WW CW! Well, stricly speaking it is my second contest, I had fun for a few hours with the WA state’s QSO party, the Salmon run, earlier in September.

Given that my CW skills aren’t a full match to the typical 25-35WPMs, I limited myself to Search&Pounce. I’ll do more practicing with MorseRunner to at some point be able (and having the confidence) to actually run a frequency (for the non-hams: running the frequency means staying on one frequency and keep calling CQ so other stations will contact you)

Published by W7CF David on 23 Sep 2007

Got my upgrade…

wow, I did it: today I passed my exam for Extra Class at Microhams‘ VE session. I missed 100% by one answer. It took me a few evenings of reading ARRL’s Extra License Manual plus some practice exam runs on QRZ. On the electronics side, it helped having graduated with a EE masters almost 20 years ago. See you on the air as W7DIT/AE

Our VE leader, Scott N7SS, was clever enough to exploit my euphoria and have me sign up as new VE with W5YI. But hey, helping other ham newbies getting into this hobby is very rewarding.

Published by W7CF David on 03 Jun 2007

Ham radio — why?

Ok, you got my attention but…. what’s so hot about amateur radio in the modern day and age where anyone has a cell phone to talk around the globe and every continent is just one mouse click away?

Agreed, ham radio can seem almost archaic in today’s high-tech saturated world. Hey, even a child can chat via IM with their pen pals continents apart (and I won’t even get into why that can be a very bad thing…). There’s one pessimistic and also a few optimistic answers to what motivates me in ham radio:
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Published by W7CF David on 20 May 2007

Hello fellow ham radio operator and enthusiast

After many years of gravitating around ham radio, I finally got my act together and got my tech & general license in August 2006. So look out world, here comes W7DIT!! Yeah, I admit, mine is a vanity call; my original sequential call sign was KE7ITI but that call was a bit ambiguous to copy in CW QSOs.

While studying for the theory and code exams, I realized that there is a plethora of ham information out there in the internet. It turns out that radio operators really do care to communicate and are keen to share information they have. Awesome. But as always, too much of a good thing can also hurt and confuse. So I started collecting links and information that I though to be most interesting for me, a newcomer to the amateur radio scene. On this site I’ll try to present my collection of links and junks of information for other newcomers to get enthused about ham radio and find their passion in this great hobby.